CONFIRMED: R.I.P. Olympic Pita

I think I speak for everyone when I say Noooooooooooooooooo! The rumor is true, Olympic Pita (on 38th btw 5+6th) has become Baraca. I’m not going to panic just yet… from the look of the inside I’m guessing the lunchtime food will be exactly the same. But it’s just sad that my favorite place for falafel in Midtown thinks they have to resort to this ridiculousness to survive in the current economic climate.

I guess we’ll find out for sure about the food when they reopen on Monday (after Shavuot.)


  • Man, Sushi doesn’t always add a new life in the restaurant’s life. Oh well.

  • ^new lease on the restaurant’s life

  • Yet more evidence of the Nippon-Hebraeic conspiracy

    This is the most damning evidence since the Fugu Plan of their ever-widening influence

  • nnnnnnnnnnnnoooooooooooo
    I want my chicken kebob on laffa……….
    i hope they didnt change the menu too much. They already redid the interior during Passover.

  • Olympic Pita served sushi as well. I found it odd, but it did. Is it the same place with a different name? As long as the food is the same I’ll be happy since I first discovered Olympic about two months ago, I don’t want it going away.

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    Stopped by today (first time) since I have been wanting to try the Laffa, but on Friday when I read this post I was afraid I may have missed out on the Olypmic Pita Train. Anyway back to today’s lunch, everything seems to remain the same, menu and all…just a swanky interior.

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    Reality is difficult for everyone to handle, a place this size cannot live for lunch alone. Think about it, how would any business fair if out of the 12 hours its open only 2 hours have business? add to that the closing on friday and saturday and you have a very unsucessful business formula. What they look to be doing is setting the place up for possible dinner business (the life blood of any restaurant) so that they can offer the delicious food they are know for at lunch. if you love their food make sure you frequent it as much as possible.

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    just went today. everyone take a deep breath. it’s the same owners, same food, just a stupid rebranding and redesign.

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