Olympic Pita To Be Turned Into a Sushi Joint?!?

Saw a terrible rumor on Twitter yesterday (at least I hope it’s a rumor!) “Olympic Pita (on 38th btw. 5+6th) in midtown has been taken over by a guy from Buddha Bar and is now Baraca, serving sushi for dinner.” Oh lord, please tell me this isn’t true.  I tried calling both the Midtown and Brooklyn locations of Olympic Pita yesterday afternoon and neither answered their phone.  Not a good sign. (Checked the calendar… it’s not April Fools Day.  Maybe it’s Sukhot or something?!? According to commenter “Susan” it is the Jewish holiday of Shavuot, so that would explain why they aren’t answering the phone.  But it still doesn’t explain away the twitter message above.)  Can anybody substantiate or refute this information? Please post it in the comments or email me.


  • Zach – LOL – it’s not Sukkot – but it is a holiday! It is Shavuot, the holiday that celebrates Moses receiving the 10 commandments at Mount Sinai.

    And since this is a food blog I will note that dairy is traditionally eaten – blintzes and lots of cheesecake.

  • There goes Zach, being a BAD jew again!!!!

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    Odd–the last time I went there I did notice that the back area had turned into a sushi station and thought that was very weird. Maybe they are doing some hybrid thing or (the terror) slowly changing over!?

  • I was there wed, no signs of it changing into another restaurant. They did however slightly change the dining section to make it bigger, moving the register to across from the spinning meat.

  • Their website has been updated… you can now order hamachi kebabs and uni on laffa

  • Falafel and Sushi? Just when it wasn’t bad enough that other restaurants add sushi to their menu to grab more clientele.

  • Ok— Which is more skeevy— An Asian restaurant that mixes cuisines of the Far East or an Israeli KeBab/Kosher place that adds sushi?

    My In-Laws are Kosher and big fans of Mr. Broadway… Mr. Broadway, which makes one of my fave Schwarmas on a Baguette, also has a kosher Chinese food and Sushi section. I DO NOT recommend either of those choices…

  • Verrrry interesting timing. I tried going there yesterday for my first time but the only sign of “Olympic Pita” I could find was a little square sign hanging above some other restaurant. I forget the name of it but I do remember it saying it served sushi. I almost walked up the stairs that were next to this place but realized it was definitely just a pyschic tarot card place. My plan was so thrown off that I wound up at Pret ordering a swedish meatball wrap (wtf!)

  • @stevenp – In his heart of hearts, Zach knew it was a holiday. I’ll give him points for that.

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