All the Trucks Are In Midtown Today

If you wanted to hit up a cart as your last lunch before Thanksgiving, all the old school carts will be out- and the most of the new school ones  are in Midtown today… Wafels & Dinges is on 52nd btw. 6+7th, Street Sweets is on 50th btw. 5+6th, Cupcake Stop Truck is on 47th and 3rd, Rickshaw is on 57th & 8th, NYC Cravings will be on 53rd and Lex (with their $5 Thanksgiving week special), the Treats Truck will be on 45th and 6th, and the Schnitzel Truck is just out of bounds on Park btw. 26+27th.  Of course things can always change so you might want to check the ML Twitter Tracker before heading out.


  • for my thanksgiving warmup i am going to get a schnitz burger. i am psyched, not to mention that the office closes at 1.

    should i get just the burger and a side or the burger platter?

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    i dont think my stomach could take the burger… pork sandwich for me… hopefully it doesnt rain when i go to get it, looks like it wants to right now :-\

  • The platter. S&T’s sides are awesome. I like the chickpeas.

  • roasted beets and feta was yummy as was the potato salad. i’ll have to check out the chickpea.

  • I’d love to take advantage of $5 lunch special but since my office is closing at 1, I don’t know what i should do.

  • @mkim1206: you could go at 11:30 to beat the line. :)

  • line for cravings by 11:50? weaksauce. $5 for chicken on rice? strongsauce.

  • Had a schnitz burger yesterday. Great as usual. Great way to start off the holiday!

  • Not realizing the pork ‘n’ wafel doesn’t exist anymore — it’s been a while — I indulged in a bacon and maple syrup wafel today at the Dinges truck. Bacon and maple syrup, cooked right into the wafel – gross and awesome. Sure wish I’d thought to get a fork though…

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