Fresh N Fast Burger is Now Open

There’s been a lot of talk in the forums about Fresh N Fast Burger lately, the new In N Out rip off on 23rd & Park. It sounds like they’re open, so Flatiron Lunchers (and burger lovers with long lunch hours) should be able to head over today. (Although I can’t help but think Midtown Lunchers with time would rather just go to the Shake Shack.)


  • Tried the cheeseburger and cheese fries at Fresh N Fast yesterday afternoon.

    Fresh? Definitely.
    Fast? Not so much.

    Having never been to In N Out, I felt that taste-wise the cheeseburger was a rip-off of a Shack Burger, with the same potato bun, but with significantly less flavorful meat. The secret sauce was nearly comparable, possibly tastier, but let’s face it, I was there for the burger, not some 1,000 Island rip off.

    The cheese fries should have had more cheese(whiz) on them, but I didn’t make a fuss because the fries themselves were delicious, salty, skin-on goodness. Much better than the pre-packaged Sysco crap at Shake Shack.

    The prices are steep though. With a soda I nearly shelled out $12! For my money I’d rather visit Shake Shack, but I could see myself visiting F-N-F again for just the fries, or for those times when I’m jonsing for the Shack and just can’t bear the thought of an hour-long line.

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    I had a different fry experience. Mine were soft and truly un-crispy. Plus ther was no fork available for my cheesed-fries. I am sure that’s easily remedied.

    I agree that for the prices, the tastiness of the patty needs to improve. I’ve got a full review in the other FnF thread.

  • I must have hit it at the right time. My fries had just come out of the fryer and were some of the crispiest I’ve had in ages.

    Very true though – could have definitely used a fork for the cheese fries.

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