OBAO Opening Today For Lunch

OBAO, which opened for dinner on 53rd btw. 2+3rd on Monday, said they wouldn’t be open for lunch until next week. But according to The Skinny Pig (via Eater), today is the day! AND word is, there is a special lunch menu with prices that are cheaper than the dinner menu. As soon as I get it, you will too.


  • Went there for dinner the other night and the food was *delicious*. I highly recommend the pho bo and the crispy pork belly skewers are TO. DIE. FOR.

    If their lunch menu is anywhere near as delicious, midtown is in for a treat!

  • i am gonna go check out their lunch soon.

  • i don’t see the pork belly skewers on the menu..what am i missing?

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    I went for dinner last night, and they had the pork belly skewers, and they where amazing. I live 3 blocks from it and couldn’t be more happy. The salt and pepper shrimp was as good or better then I rember it from the boa noodle days.

  • agree w/ the skewers. also tried the thai fried rice, which was good too.

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    I just went and it was pretty tasty.

    I had the pho and my friend as the laksa. It was my first time having pho so I would be a terrible person to really give a good review of it, but it was tasty.

    The bowl of pho or laksa wasn’t nearly as filling as a bowl of ramen, but it great to have a variety for the upcoming winter season of warm noodle soups.

    The noodles in the laksa looked like japanese soba, but not the same texture at all. It was a bit softer without the “al dente” snap. Once again, this was my first laksa so I am not a good person to comment on it. It seemed a bit light on flavor though, but overall nice to try for variety since there isn’t much around here like it.

    The short rib appetizer was awesome though and a must get even if it pushes your meal over the $10 limit. It was short rib sliced thinly wrapped around a whole lemongrass skewer served with a sweet, hoisin-based dipping sauce, and topped with crumbled peanuts. The meat was nice and tender with a slightly crispy outside. Definitely a must-try item. I’ll have to try the crispy pork belly next time.

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