8th Ave. Red Mango Closes

It looks like the EV isn’t the only place Pinkberry is beating up on the competition.  Red Mango may have just opened a new location in Rock Center, but their original Midtown branch (on 8th Ave. btw. 45+46th) is now shuttered.  I’m guessing the Pinkberry on 9th Ave. & 43rd didn’t help (although I’ve always preferred RM.)


  • Genuinely upsetting news. RM is superior in every way to PB.

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    I disagree – Red Mango can’t compete with Pinkberry. Better yogurt, better toppings, better service, better experience.

  • eh, I think RM’s fro-yo is ‘creamier’, while PB is a little too tart. Not to mention that RM is one of the original brands from Korea that launched the proverbial thousand fro-yo ships, PB being one of them.

    Different strokes for different folks though.

  • @chris- that’s exactly how I’ve always felt. RM is a little creamier…

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