Red Mango Now Open in Rock Center

Red Mango Now Open in Rock Center

I don’t know if any amount of money could get me to willingly enter the NBC Experience store inside 30 Rock, but froyo fans will be excited for this news. Red Mango has opened inside the small cafe on the second floor. So now you have two options for your Midtown Red Mango fix. Walk to the location on 8th Ave and 45th, or fight your way through hordes of tourists waiting in line for the NBC Studio Tour. Good luck and Godspeed. (Thanks to Lunch’er Lila for the tip.)


  • You know what everyone really wants to know… is there free yogurt involved?!? :)

  • man. where’s red mango love for DOWNTOWN- hating.
    I’ve been settling for 16 handles.

  • I RAN over there, heels and all, zipped up those stairs and ordered my small original with Mochi, the bestest, and choco chips.. sadly they don’t have the choco cereal! I also saw these fruit puree’s that I haven’t seen before.. apricot, pear, and acai. About TIME we had the Red Mango up here! I would much rather bully the Rock Center tourists than those at Time Square. EEK! I suspect I will be there daily.

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