SE Causes Run on Pret Chocolate Chunk Cookies


Where was I at 2pm today?  At Pret of course (along with god knows how many other Midtown Lunchers), trying the chocolate chunk cookie that Serious Eats: New York dubbed best in Midtown yesterday. Soooo good.  Crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside, good mix of chips and chunks.  (You may say the secret ingredient is the warming case.)  I went to the Pret on 7th Ave. and 36th and while I walked north, enjoying my cookie, I passed by a girl coming out of the Pret on 39th and 7th holding her cookie. (Coincidence?  Possibly… but whatever.  It’s more fun to think everybody is rushing out to eat cookies because of NYC food blogs.)

There are almost 20 Pret a Manger locations in Midtown, so you should have no trouble scoring one in our neck of the woods (if you haven’t already.)  With only two locations Downtown, our lunch friends to the south might have some problems.  This was twittered by @ahemler at 1:15pm today: “Pret on Maiden lane sold out of choc chunk cookies. You guys are savages.” Doh!

Pret Wins Best Midtown(ish) Cookie


  • I KNEW it!!!

    After reading the last post, I packed an overniter, threw it in the wife’s Jag and was all prepared to drive up to NYC to get one of these culinarily orgasmic choc-chip delights.

    NOW, you tell me they are ALL SOLD OUT! Just my luck.

    Oh well. Maybe another time.

  • just went to get mine at the rock center location. they were out. BUT! some where in the oven, they told us about 15 min. so we waited. and as a thank you, they gave us free coffee (and tea), and we only paid for one of the 2 cookies.

    and let me tell you, it was fresh out of the oven goodness. warm, gooey, barely kept its cookie shape.

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    update: I just went again. They had three left. Definitely fresh out of the oven and then re-enhanced by the warming case.


  • Breaking news: Each Nyker will gain 10 lbs before the thanksgiving dinner.

  • Oh yes, the Pret chocolate chip cookie. It’s all about the warming case.

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    I had one of the Pret chocolate chip cookies yesterday, still hot from the oven. It was good. Not totally amazing. But very good. Still haven’t tried Bouchon Bakery yet, but, in my book, the reigning champion is still Levain.

  • This just goes to show you how everyone lowers their expectations because we’re in midtown. I almost broke a tooth on one of their cookies it was so hard – the warming case had sucked every last bit of moisture out of it. Or are some Pret locations just clueless?? I’m talking to you 55th Street and 6th Avenue.

    Maybe they can install a “fresh cookies now” sign like at Krispy Kreme? Otherwise they lost me.

  • Just had one myself. Now I know why this was the first and only time I will be going to Pret. It was good, but best in the city good? I don’t think so…Dunkin Donuts cookies are nearly as good…And those are certainly not “best inthe city” category. Sarah Beth’s has better…WAY better….

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