BLOCKBUSTER: MomoMidtown is Serving Food


Holy smokes Batman!  Ma Peche (aka Momofuku Midtown) has quietly started serving food in the mezzanine of the Chambers Hotel this week (on 56th btw. 5+6th).  And… wait for it… wait for it… there’s a freakin’ “Midtown Lunch Special”.  I am not shitting you.  A Momofuku restaurant, situated in the Chambers Hotel, in the most expensive, touristy, part of New York City, is offering a lunch special for the Midtown Lunch friendly price of $10.

If you can still move your trembling hands, the menu is after jump. (Spoiler Alert: The Momofuku Banh Mi is back!)

ミッド タウン lunch / 10

daily: 11 am to 3 pm

choice of: bánh mì du maison — three terrine sandwich, daikon, cilantro
bánh mì au poullet — chicken, lemongrass, lettuce, mint
bún du riz — rice noodles, pork ragout, saw leaf herb
gỏi calamare — squid salad, fish sauce, thai basil, greens

with: coke / diet coke / keeper’s springs water

add: momofuku milk bar peanut butter cookie  /  1.85

The restaurant itself is still not open yet, but the “Midtown Lunch Special” and a limited Brekafast, Lunch & Dinner menu is now available in the mezzanine of the hotel.  I wonder where I’m eating lunch today…

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  • holy! I hope I’m working there when it opens.

  • sounds like a great deal.

    Zach, i think this calls for a full report today on this.

  • I’m going today. Never been to Momofuku so have no idea what to expect. But it’s new, it’s cheap, and it’s close!

  • I may wind up there for lunch today, if I find myself in a Bahn Mi mood. I’m tempted to wait for the review, though – those better not be tiny sandwiches!

  • Dude. Zach. This is awesome! You are a full-on NY food nerd celebrity!

  • Zach, you must order one of each for “research” and report back!

  • Crap! I’m stuck in FiDi & JC this month. Anxiously awaiting a report out.

  • Yeah, looks like I need to make this happen today too. Probably will go early since it looks like the word is out…damn you Zach!

  • ohhhh man, can’t wait to see the report on this one later in the day!

  • I am tempted to go today but i think i am going to wait until he comes back with a full report.

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    I don’t see what all the excitement is about… I love Momofuku, but $10 for their tiny (but delicious) banh mi is pretty much the regular price they had it for at ssam… it’s great to have this option, but definitely isn’t a “great deal”

  • How tiny are they?

  • finger sandwich size

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    never had their banh mi at Ssam.. how does it compare to baoguette?

  • SO EXCITING. What other amazing chef/restaurants can we bring to Midtown – for $10?!?! Skies the limit apparently.

  • It’s dine-in only. Oh well.

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    So Zach, how was it?

    12:20: The Eater intern was just given the check and credit card of Zach Brooks, Midtown Lunch King. To be fair, they look kind of almost similar.

  • OMG, it was amazing! I was planning to get the bun, but got the banh mi du maison on Zach’s rec. So good, the bread was fantastic and the pate’s were actual pate! Looked small when I got it, but it was so loaded with fatty fat fat pate that I was full after eating it. And the cookie.

    Totally worth it!

  • Ok I’m normally more coherent, but am slightly overcome by the deliciousness in my belly.

  • It was quite tasty – very rich, quality ingredients with serious pate/terrine in the banh mi du maison. There was no spiciness – they didn’t include any jalapeno or serrano peppers. They did have a bottle of Sriracha-like hot sauce and that helped balance out the richness a little. But a proper banh mi should have the heat come from chili peppers, not chili sauce.

    The banh mi was definitely on the small side, and I’m a small person (though, not really a small eater). I can’t imagine that it’s enough for a guy. Luckily, I just went right next door to Tina’s for $1 empanadas and a $2 cafe con leche.

    *Note after tax and tip and additional fortification at Tina’s, it was no longer a Midtown Lunch at $15+. The space is really nice and calm though (not to mention, a little bit feel-like-you-need-to-almost-whisper fancy).

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