MomoMidtown… or would it be MidtownFuku?

It looks like the day I have long been praying for has finally arrived!  It’s not a pork bun cart, or a Korean burrito bar- but it will have to do… The rumors are swirling that East Village based Momofuku will be branching out into Midtown in the next six weeks- opening a large (probably upscale) restaurant “in the old Town space in the Chambers Hotel on West 56th Street.” No word on lunch menu, or prices, but if this ends up being true (and Eater has it on good authority that it is) you’re about to see me break my Midtown Lunch $10 price cap.  (Sorry, but it has to be done.)

The Perfect Space For the Next Momofuku is in Midtown

UPDATE: New York Times’ Diner’s Journal confirms the news, and David Chang is quoted as saying they are kicking around the idea of “installing a milk bar in the front of the street-level entrance.”  Yes please.


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    That rocks! Would be awesome minus the price tag. I will be a candidate for that Intervention show due to high intake of pork buns.

  • Like Zach, I could care less about the price tag! If there’s a lunchtime accessible location to score some pork buns…I’m in! The opening can’t come soon enough…

  • I say fuku momofuku. That “chain” of establishments is one of the most overhyped, overpriced eating venues to hit NYC in recent years. It’s even more overhyped than Shake Shack, which is saying a lot.

  • I have to agree with Stevenp – overpriced and overhyped. I’ve been there and ordered the pork buns. Chinatown offers peking duck versions for usually $2 each

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