Time Warner Center Wants to Give You Free Food

With the exception of Whole Foods, and the take out window of Bouchon Bakery, most of the restaurants in the Time Warner Center are outside the Midtown Lunch price range. But that doesn’t mean we’d turn down free food, right? The TWC in Columbus Circle has just launched a culinary club called “Circle of Taste”. Become a member (it’s free to join), and you’ll get special access to free events and exclusive tastings, like a smoked meats tasting at Porterhouse (on 11/16) or a mussels and beer thing at Landmarc (12/3).

The kick off event is a free dessert tasting this Friday at 5:30pm with free desserts from Bouchon Bakery, A Voce, Landmarc and more (hello double truffle brownies!) That one is completely open to the public, but in the future events will only be open to members. You can get more info and sign up now at www.circleoftaste.com


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    I’m not sure it actually works this way. For one thing, being a member of the Circle of Taste doesn’t grant you access to the “free” events – those are open to the public. It gets you some advance notice of these events, but they’ll be publicized on here way before anyway.

    Second, the tastings you mention are ONLY if you win access to them via sweepstakes.

    And the TWC can be a clusterf*&^ for these events…I recall the lines wrapping around and through themselves for the “taste of the TWC” festival over the summer…impolite staff, no organization.

    One can always hope…

  • i guess it did sound too good to be true =( thanks for clarifying Corneliusvanpeller,

  • I guess I didn’t explain it right… it sounded cool to me. obviously not everybody can go to every event. some of them are special tastings hosted by the chefs themselves… but if given the choice between signing up, and having a chance to win cool stuff like that, and not signing up because I’m not *guaranteed* to win, i’ll choose signing up! (and i did…)

  • I signed up too… just in case I get lucky =)

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    LOL – and after all my clarifications, I just won a slot to the PorterHouse event on Monday!

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