Flatiron’s Answer to In N Out?

Grub Street has more info on Fresh N Fast, the coming soon to the Flatiron District burger spot that Midtown Lunchers have been talking about in the forums for the past week. Of note… they’re using LaFrieda beef, Martin’s potato rolls, and there will be a “secret sauce”.


  • If Fresh-n-Fast is the answer to In-N-Out, the question must have been “would anyone really build an identical copy of a beloved franchise and have the balls to triple the prices?”

  • Oh, GREAT!

    Now we will be bombarded with ‘Reviews’, with ‘Evaluations’, with ‘Mouthfeel’ reports, with ‘Autopsy Shots’, with ‘Bun Evaluations’, with ‘Ooze Ratings’, and with countless opinions of what was in the “Secret Sauce.”

    And the bottom line is that no one gives a Fu&k except the cadre of Burger Aficionados who collect their weekly ‘voucher’ from the SE’s dispensary.

    Carry on, ‘Fresh N Fast’, and may you survive the “Evaluations” without having to donate too many free samples to the hoards of hungry ‘Critics.’

  • First, let us agree to ignore DocChuck. What I think is interesting is that we ALREADY had a shill for them on here, AND they seem to be saying the same stuff that it says in the above review. Like D’uh.

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    above review? but its not opened yet… how can you review it?

    just crossed my mind… is there a burger place logo that isnt some combination of yellow red and white?

  • Why someone would attempt to open a new burger joint a block away from Shake Shack and just around the corner from the relatively respectable New York Burger Co, is beyond me.

  • Now listen up folks, because ‘Apikoros18′, a Technical Recruiter, obviously is one hell of lot smarter than the rest of us posters here.

    And, he (she, it, whatever) says that, “they seem to be saying the same stuff that it says in the above review. Like D’uh.”

    Hey, I for one, am NOT going to challenge a shill who says, “Like D’uh”. And I am totally intimidated by a ‘Technical Recruiter’, that’s for sure.

    BUT, you bet that I am going to stick to my guns, and WAIT for the REALLY professional reviews from the professional websites like SE’s.

    Bye-bye for now.

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