Midtown East, You’ve Let the Schnitzel Truck Down

From @schnitzeltruck: “Hi guys, letting u know now, we are planning on changing our Tuesday location starting next week. Not enough peeps on 48thst. Will head west.” What, no celebs on 3rd Ave?  (Let the sadness begin.)


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    they get a nice line on 23rd and park on wednesdays, had to wait an hour for food last week because of the demand compounded with some girl too busy on her cellphone taking my order and running off when the guy called my name incorrectly

    ‘rachel’ went up and took the food of ‘micehelle’ or ‘mitchel’ even though the name of the paper said ‘michael’… what were the odds of that? thats what i get for using my proper name… nicknames only from now on

  • I will be thoroughly put out.

  • West? Blah. they should try Cravings Truck’s spot on 53rd b/w lex & park…they would get mobbed by the citigroup crowd.

  • Personally, I hope they move closer to Midtown.

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    Overpriced and overrated… good bye

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    Come further downtown and come further west. Not that I didn’t mind the walk, but we need them here!

  • Heading a little south, south west to 42nd and madison will cure all your ills.

  • damnit. i never got a chance to try this out. i hope all the worst things in life happen to them, and no one but them.

  • Later tweet clarified:
    Schnitzel & Things about 19 hours ago
    Our Tuesday move should not be too far from our 48th st spot, so no need to worry for all our loyal fans. Just need some extra foot traffic

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