Buffalo Chicken Pizza? Cafe Rustico 2 Has You Covered

_MG_8117My go to spot for pizza in Koreatown is the Little Italy Pizza on 33rd btw. Mad+5th, but Ultraclay has got another option.  He hit up Pizza Rustico 2 recently (on 35th btw. 5+6th) and stands behind their buffalo chicken pizza. “The bleu cheese is a thinner dressing that I’d like, but is just strong enough to balance out the tang and spice of the buffalo sauce.” Not as good as the slices he remembers fondly from college in Massachusetts (where dipping pizza in blue cheese dressing is considered de rigueur) but close enough.

Pizza Rustico 2, 25 W 35th St (btw. 5+6th), 212-736-1114


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    Best buffalo pizza in the area is out on LI – Mama Theresa’s in Garden City Park.

  • I would like to second that this pizza place is solid. Its my go-to place for a slice. I’m sure it would shock no ML readers though, that I haven’t gone for this particular variety of slice.

  • I had their pizza on Friday. It tasted like crap – soggy cold bread and dry toppings – must’ve been sitting there forever? We were hungry and wanetd to try their slices though. Their buffalo wings were a waste of $6.95. The best thing I had was their garlic knots. Nothing else. I doubt I would order from them again. You only get one shot to impress me with pizza. I was much happier with my Dominos pizza and fire wings I had yesterday…also much cheaper too. I’m nto even a big fan of Dominos.

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    I agree, not everything is super great here. I liked their wings when I had them recently.

    But one of the better Buffalo Chicken slices is a little further downtown at Maffei’s (22nd/6th).

    Kicker – while Maffei’s is storied for their Grandma slices, I like the ones at Rustico, here, better…

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