Burger Joint as a Pre-Brunch Snack?!

Indus Express wasn’t the only Midtown Lunch to make Time Out New York this week. They also asked a bunch of well known chefs and food folks for their Essential New York Burger, and Josh Capon (the chef of Lure Fishbar in Soho) chose the Burger Joint in Le Parker Meridien. He also had far and away the best answer: “I’ve always thought that it was really cool to go into this fancy hotel and see this neon sign that leads to this gritty hole-in-the-wall. I actually grabbed a burger there before brunch at Norma’s. My wife said, ‘Where did you go?’ and I said, ‘To the bathroom.’”   Sounds like my kind of guy.


  • That’s a good move. I’ve done that at Grays Papaya. Got a recession special on my way to meet the in-laws for dinner. Shockingly they thought I was nuts.

  • Shockingly?

    Maybe the in-laws were right on target.

    But, then, why does any man on the planet put up with ‘IN-LAWS’?

    I say, dump the wife (and that effectively eliminates the ‘in-laws) — get a NEW wife (there are MILLIONS of females out there who are dying to become a ‘wife’).

    THEN, just permit the horny broad to move into your pad, service you on demand, cook your food, clean your flat — and that’s the end of the report.

    Get over all of this other nonsense.

  • @ESNY – that’s pretty awesome. A man after my own heart. I love a good Gray’s Papaya hit and run.

  • i am enjoying the versatility of this photo.

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    Well, getting a snack @ Gray’s Papaya is more feasible than @ the Burger Joint, but more power to them.

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    Must say I don’t get the Burger Joint hype. Sure it’s cool inside, particularly that it’s hidden in a tre chic hotel. BUT, IMHO the burgers are sort of eh.. Had one just last week – very mediocre- like diner quality at best but smaller. MUCH prefer Carnegie John burger for $3.50, or any of the other popular places (and shake shack just blows it away).

    Plus, they take a good 5-10 min to make your burger after you order it (i.e wait on line) – so that guy must have taken a very long bathroom break…

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