Jerk Pan Disappears; Steak Truck Moves to the Bronx


Posting the news this morning that the Jamaican Dutchy cart was going on vacation for three weeks made me hungry for some curry goat with rice and peas.  So I walked over to 48th and Park to try out the 4 month old Jerk Pan cart, only to discover that it was gone!?  Anybody know what happened to them?  If you do, let us know in the comments.

Also missing was the Steak Truck, which apparently has decided to try out some new spots.  Today they were in the Bronx.  (In fairness to them, we were warned.)  This all comes on top of last week’s news that the Trini Paki Boys carts are going to be gone for a bit while they sort out their permit issues.

Anybody have any good news to share?


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