The Steak Truck Might Leave Midtown

Steak Truck, Midtown NYC

With all the fighting that goes on for spots in Midtown one would be inclined to believe that running a cart or truck in this part of NYC would be a fairly lucrative operation. Selling low cost, low priced food in one of the busiest sections of the busiest city in the country should be a slam dunk, right? Well apparently not, because the Steak Truck (which has one of the better spots in the city on Park Ave. and 47th) is considering packing it in, and moving to a different part of the city.

The truck most certainly saw a bump in business after their good showing in Street Meat Palooza 2, but it’s clearly not enough. According to the owner, there is just too much competition in Midtown- and the number of people working in the area has gotten smaller while the number of carts and trucks have increased. For those who believe that the current vendor invasion will weed out the under-performers, this will be seen as a sign of capitalism at work. But that will be little consolation for the fans of the Steak Truck. The move is not set in stone, so if you are a Steak Truck fan- and don’t want to lose their waffle fry topped chicken and lamb over rice plate- you may want to start eating there a little more often.

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    maybe they can move a little farther downtown… maybe around the flatiron building so that i may go to them!

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    I second Spydr’s suggestion – we’d love you in Flatiron, Steak Truck!

  • I’m sure there are less people around. That’s a heavy financial area. Bear Stearns was in one of those buildings. And a lot of the new carts and trucks seem to land in that area.

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    I wish they would move to 6th ave between 48 -52. We don’t have that many great carts here, mostly sad halal carts. Sadly both Schnitzel & Things and Cravings both stop here on Monday, they need to change days around.

  • I third Spydr’s suggestion. I’m tempted to take a day off just to go to midtown for the food trucks.

  • That area has turned into a great spot for street food. On a good day you have a choice of XPL, Steak Truck, Jerk Pan, La Cense, and Schnitzel in a one-block radius. There are still a lot of people around.. if they took advantage of the ML-style options rather than, like 90% of my office, going next door for a sandwich, there ought to be customers to support them all. Of course, that’ll hurt Pret and Cafe Metro and I’m sure someone will feel sorry for them.

  • JoeStein, seriously. I cant stand all these mediocre carts.

    Incidentally, today is Kosher Oasis @ 49th.

  • Steak Truck if you are listening, I think we could use you down in the Financial District, close to South Ferry.

  • What? Downtown? Financial Dist.? or Flatiron? No way? And don’t let Schnitzel or another truck take your spot. Keep it for as long as you can!

    Steak Truck, can you start topping your Chicken w. Rice platter with waffle fries too? I’d defintiely be game! Thanks if possible.

  • The guys are pretty cool I’m sure they would put whatever you wanted on your chick rice just ask.

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    Being that I now work two blocks from this truck I decided to go try it just now in case it leaves. The guy was very friendly, and seemed a little perplexed at first when I asked what he recommended. When I then asked what their best item/specialty was, he stated that they sell a lot of chicken over rice, burgers and cheesesteaks. I decided to order the chicken over rice since he mentioned it first (and I had already been considering it from the last Street Meatpalooza post). When I got it back to my office I was delighted to see that I got the whole kit & kaboodle: nice large chunks of fresh chicken, good rice, a nice salad with lots of tomatoes and chickpeas, a wedge of pita, two or three waffle fries, and two tiny falafel balls. The amount of white sauce was just about right too. Am definitely very happy I finally went.

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