Yes, That Was The Schnitzel Truck You Saw On TV Last Night

Nothing like a T-Mobile ad during the World Series (or the Office, or Top Chef) to raise your profile. The Schnitzel Truck is everywhere thanks to a brand new TV ad that seems to be everywhere.  The truck is only on for a few seconds, and I’m not exactly sure what a priest who text messages has to do with schnitzel, but whatever.  It’s still kind of cool. (Oh, and a quick reminder- they’re on 26th and Park today instead of Dumbo because of the Vendr.TV switcheroo.)

Thanks to Lunch’er “Robert” for sending a link to the video. Check it out, after the jump…

The real question is, on a big screen in Hi-Def can you make out the “Recommended by Midtown Lunch” sticker under the newspaper articles!

Watch Kim From the Treats Truck Use Her VISA Card
Schnitzel & Things Truck is Veal-Tastic!


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