Boston Market Tries to One-Up KFC

In response to today’s KFC free piece of grilled chicken giveaway, Boston Market has hit back with a deal of their own. Get a whole chicken meal for just $1 with this coupon (good through the end of the week). The only Midtown location is on 58th and 10th (too far for me!), but I’m sure some of you cheapos will think it’s worth it. Enjoy!


  • after waiting for the page to load, it only shows a $1 a meal, $2 off a purchase of $10 and $4 off a purchase of $20.

    Where is the free meal coupon you speak of?

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    I used to go to Boston Market when it was a few stores in the Boston area called Boston Chicken. I think I used to go to the original one, as I recall.

    It was when they changed their name to reflect an expanded menu that they started to suck.

    I tried it again recently and found the chicken alarmingly rubbery. Not over cooked, as I like my chicken cooked to the point it begins to dry out. It was just rubber.

    I’m sure it’s hard to believe if you never tried it back then, but Boston Chicken was really good. Boston Market is just a so-so, somewhat sucky letdown.

  • they appear to have fixed the website. printed off an ample supply. $1 chicken warp drive engage!

  • Just for clarity: when Zach wrote “whole chicken meal”, it doesn’t mean that you get a whole chicken for $1. It means that you get a whole MEAL for a dollar- a quarter chicken, spuds and cornbread (I suppose to contrast the fact the you only get a measly PIECE of chicken at KFC?).

    I would go slightly out of my way and print out a coupon to get an entire chicken for $1. But a Boston market “meal”? No thanks. It’s dreck and I’m not THAT poor (yet).

  • you may have to wait for the Boston Market link to fully load to see the coupon, but it’s there

  • I can’t see the coupon either… weird.


    Alternatively I saved the jpg… haha I don’t even know if I’ll use it but whatever.

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