Cafe Du Monde Forced to Change Their Name


File this one under “Knew That Was Gonna Happen”. The generic deli “Cafe du Monde” (on 37th btw. 5+6th) was forced to change their name to Cafe Amande. Apparently the name Cafe du Monde is already in use by, oh, I don’t know… the most famous fried dough maker in the country. The funny thing is, I don’t think the owners of the NYC Cafe du Monde even knew about the New Orleans institution. Yesterday I asked one of the girls behind the counter if they had to change their name because of Cafe du Monde in New Orleans. Her response: “Yeah! How did you know?” She was completely surprised to hear it was a pretty famous place.

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    Their first clue might have been that you can buy Cafe du Monde’s chicory coffee by the can in many of the city’s better specialty food stores.

    I get the impression that generic midtown deli operators don’t spend a lot of time in such stores, though. All they seem to know about food is what’s on sale at the wholesale distributor in Jersey City, and the place on the Bowery where they buy their panini presses.

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