A Hamburger Today Disagrees With Itself About Prime Burger

Photo courtesy of A Hamburger Today

Today, Serious Eats Grand Poobah Ed Levine jumped onto A Hamburger Today to pen a review love letter to Prime Burger, the full of charm old school Midtown burger spot on 51st btw. Mad+5th. It’s kind of surprising, considering that Nick Solares tore the place apart on the very same website when he reviewed the place back in April. In fairness to Nick though he didn’t follow all of the “ordering rules”.

According to Ed, Prime Burger started pre-cooking their burgers to keep up with the fast food burgers spots in Midtown- so if you want the full experience you have to “specify you want your burger made from scratch, and that you’re willing to wait the extra few minutes.” He also says to ask the broiler man to salt the burger before cookingit. Do all this, and according to Ed you’ll end up with “a juicy burger that tastes a lot like a Shake Shack burger.”

A Hamburger Today Deems Prime Burger Unworthy
Prime Burger (and the Battle Between Boss & Blogs)


  • that pic is gross

  • Wellerfan, your gross is my awesome. I’ll take mine rarish please.

  • I don’t mind a lil’ red, but yikes! haha

  • Food looks nasty, seats look cool though.

  • The rare-ness of that burger looks sooooo good. It’s so hard to find a place that will do that.

  • Wait, so unless you tell them how not to screw it up, the burger will suck?

    I should try this at work – walk into the office every day and tell my team, “hey, don’t fuck up today!”

  • Wellerfan you DISGUST ME.

  • I agree with Chris, if you have to tell the chef to do multiple special steps in order to cook a freakin hamburger correctly, then they’re doing something wrong for everyone else.

  • That pics looks like “Mr. Cutlets” (re:twat) Hemerroids

  • Their burger doesn’t suck if it’s not made to order. It’s inexpensive and perfectly decent. Maybe it’s not all greasy and fatty, but it’s definitely not “dry”. I didn’t realize you can have it made to order. I’ll have to go back and try it made this way.

  • I think they’re way off on this notion that they have to keep up with the fast burger joints, they have to keep up with all the new places that make great burgers, it’s not the wait- it’s the quality.

  • In fairness if the reviewer is telling the the chef how to make a decent burger then the place shouldn’t get a positive review, that’s exactly the same as sending back food at a restaurant.

  • That fucker is raw….it all comes down to food snobbery…..and there is no bigger snob than and established NY food blogger(no yo zachoriah).

    “OH os it’s so pink……aren’t we dangerous…….”

    Id slap ed levine, cutlets, that brit twat that goes on about ” the mineral….almost ozone taste “Nick Solares , adam cuban….and anyone else that refers to IT as anything other than crap meat in a crap bun.

  • Anyone who doesn’t understand that Solares and Levine are playing “Bad Cop – Good Cop” to make a point without ruffling feathers (potentially free meals) — is not playing with a full deck.

    And, yeah it is definitely RAW. The transparent gamesmanship, that is.

  • When it comes to not playing with a full deck – DocChuck is the man.

    Naturally, the rest of us know that these two individuals are entitled to their own opinions and may well have had vastly different experiences on the two widely separated dates on which their experiences occurred.

    DocChuck has his own version of Occam’s Razor: the explanation that relies most on the existence and operation of a conspiracy is usually the best one

  • Between that picture (raw?) and the “proper ordering instructions” I’ll pass on Prime Burger. I’ll take my own home-griddled burger, sized and cooked to my liking with lots of cheese, or a Shack Stack (no waiting) as a backup option.

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    Anyone read the recent NYT article about bad hamburger meat? The risk of e-coli scared me off rare burgers unless I’m making them at home from meat I bought from my trusted butcher. And Five Napkin Burger still rules.

  • this is an outrage.

  • DocChuck never has anything remotely positive to say about anything, does he even live in NYC? If not, why does he read midtown lunch, is it just to Troll?

  • JFI: DocChuck is a troll who has terrorized a number of food-related websites across the web. He has been banned from many of them, including Serious Eats (http://www.seriouseats.com/talk/2007/07/what-happened-to-doc-chuck.html) and Off the Broiler (http://friendfeed.com/jasonperlow/15f28054/attention-charles-treuter-docchuck-anti). Some websites (such The Feedbag – http://www.the-feedbag.com/individual-vendettas/the-strange-case-of-doc-chuck-and-chiffonade) tolerate his existence because they enjoy the ‘trainwreck’ spectacle his posts provide. You can see that he also exhibits multiple personality disorder via this screenshot (http://www.flickr.com/photos/offthebroiler/3733102625/) from Perlow, showing him posting from the same IP address as Louise, Louise B, TheRealChiffonade, and JerzeeTomato. He takes photos of kids from other’s people’s public webpages and reposts them as his own kids or grandkids, and similarly posts random pics of adults found on the internet as his friends or associates. Virtually everything he writes is a fabrication. His motives for doing all these things are unknown, but they seem to revolve around an unnaturally strong need for attention.

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