AHT Deems Prime Burger Unworthy

When I ate at Prime Burger (on 51st btw. Mad+5th) that first (and only time) a couple of years ago, my problems were mostly with the price- but Beef Aficianado Nick Solares takes issue with the meat in his recent review on A Hamburger Today, saying that “in the modern world the burger here is just a relic, rendered obsolete by our contemporary expectations.” Can’t argue with that… [A Hamburger Today]


  • I wanted to love Prime Burger so very badly…

    But flies in the relish and the inflated prices kill my buzz over the super-cool decor and uniformed waiters.

  • It’s kind of cool to watch the cook prepare the burgers in the ancient broiler by the front counter. He’s got the timing down to a science for cooking burgers to the proper temperature. I do, however, wish I hadn’t seen him slide each slice of cheese over a giant stick of butter before slapping them onto the waiting burgers. I know there’s a ton of butter in restaurant food, I just prefer to pretend it’s not happening. For the record, I think the burgers are very good.

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