Win a New York City Street Food Walking Tour (With Me)

Street Vendor Tour

Every month Foodbuzz, the amazing company that allows me to do Midtown Lunch for a living, features 24 meals, by 24 food websites, all held in the same 24 hour period.  This month’s 24/24/24 goes down on Saturday October 24th, and they have graciously donated the money to pay for ten people to go on a street meat tour of Midtown Manhattan with yours truly.  That day I’ll lead a group through Midtown on a tasting of 5 of the best chicken and lamb over rice vendors that New York City has to offer (a mini Street Meat Palooza of sorts.)  You’ll not only get to try specially made sampler plates at each stop on the tour, but you’ll also get to hear the stories of how each cart came to be, and get to meet the vendors themselves.  It’s got something for everybody! (Out of towners and die hard Midtown Lunch’ers alike.)

To enter to win just post a comment below saying why you’re worthy of the prize.  5 winners will be drawn at random on Monday, October 19th, and each winner will be allowed to bring a friend.  The tour will take place at Noon on October 24th, and will last around an hour and a half (2 hours tops).  All the food and drinks are included, but you’ll have to make your way to Midtown yourselves!


  • I probably don’t deserve this, haha, but I want it!

  • pick me…I love street food and get it all the time, but as for chicken & rice, I’ve only eaten at the guy on the corner of 54th & 3rd (which I really like). Enlighten me, o wise one!

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    I assume all five that you plan on going to have already been decided? Otherwise, how do you know all 5 will be open at their Midtown locations on a SATURDAY?

  • I want to go! Why I deserve it? I ate the Walgreen’s sandwich ….

  • In order to continue my reign as street meat connoisseur in an office full of soup and salad eaters I need to learn from the master.

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    because I am desperate for proof that somebody can match trini pak boys and restore my faith in all other halal carts

  • this is different from that ebay listing right? hmmmm

  • I’d like to win because most of these delicious-sounding carts are out of my walking range during lunchtime (I’m at 31st and 7th), and I’d love to get a taste of what Zach’s always talking about on here.

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    I work in an area far from these carts (with the exception of Rafiqis) and would love to get the chance to try them.

  • I deserve to go because I always send tips to Zach and I was almost raped by a 60 yr old man at the ML happy hour.

  • I am on this epic quest of trying every street meat cart in the City, and being selected for a tour would surely help me achieve victory! And I am free on the 24th!

  • oh. also, this is so much more awesome than win a date with ted hamilton. yes that counts as my entry

  • In my belly please.

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    It sounds magical. And I’m moving out of the country soon, and need to take in as much of NY before that happens. I’m also wont be making any money for the next 4+ months- so I need all the free a girl can get.

  • Hey Zach. You should pick me, as even though I was invited to join street meat a palooza, I just couldn’t take that much time away from work. Oh, also, even though you claim to be… hefty… you’ll stand next to me and my 7month+ pregnant wife and look TINY!!! They’ll call you Zach “Slats” Brooks in all the pictures.

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    because I really eat almost anything!

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    Because that’s my birthday weekend and chicken and rice is better than a birthday cake any day!

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    Honestly, I have not tried much street food. So this would definitely help me decide if I should buy lunch from them. =)

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    Because there is nothing I like more than walking around and eating and I have the blog to prove it –

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    Because I work in midtown but I never get a chance to hit up these vendors as I am stuck in the culinary desert of Garment District during the week, and I have no excuse to go into midtown on a weekend just to eat street food.

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