Is Midtown Headed Towards Protest?

Yesterday, street vendors is Brooklyn took to the streets to protest against what they are calling “police harassment”. According to one vendor who parks on Clarkson Ave. in Flatbush, the cops have been trying to get rid of them ever since a dispute between two vendors ended in a fight last month. That sounds familiar…


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    the fight that happened last month, did it end with one man stabbing another? or am i mixing my stories again?

    i remember hearing about it on the radio but wasnt sure, and it wasnt in midtown so i didnt think it would be up on this site anyway

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    This sucks, but…

    Am I going too far down the ‘blame the victim’ path to feel a little schadenfreude towards Hamdy Akl?

    “I’ve been through many harassments, blah blah, whine whine”

    Yet HE’S the guy who tried to force someone ELSE out of a legit spot and started the whole thing? Where do these guys get off bullying people out of spots and then crying when they get shoved? Guy’s a real (st)ick in my book.

    These halal guys are the worst. I’m NEVER giving any of them any business, ever. Not that I really like that greasy dark meat all that much, anyway.

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