“Delivery Week” Starts on Monday

You know I’m morally opposed to workplace delivery (everybody should be able to take their full lunch hour!) and totally not down with spending over $10 for lunch…  so technically Seamless Web’s “Delivery Week” (happening October 19-31st) has already got two strikes against it.  On the other hand, $12.09 for an appetizer, entree, and dessert (all delivered to your office) could be too good a deal to pass up (depending on who is participating, and what their menus consist of).  And there’s nothing that says you can’t pick up your food in the lobby of your building, and just keep on walking.  A few Midtown Lunch’ish spots are on the list, like Little Thai Kitchen and Pop Burger, but you can get out of those places normally for under $12.  I’m more interested in seeing the menus being offered by some of the more expensive places… like The Volstead! (Remember when they gave away all that free food to Midtown Lunchers?  That place is goooood.)  You can find a complete list of participating restaurants here.


  • Molyvos and Abboccato?! Now thats interesting! Those joints are usually way above the ML $10 limit. And right around the corner from me:)

    Ps- I always eat at my desk anyway, since our lunchroom was converted to offices. bastards.

  • Oct. 19-31 is also not a “week.” Strike 3.

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