Midtown Links (The “Goodbye Summer” Edition)

Mmm, Trix
Photo added to the ML Flickr Pool by Blondie and Brownie

  • It’s not in Midtown, but tonight is the end of the season party for the Big Gay Ice Cream Truck [Blondie and Brownie]
  • There are some great looking daily specials at Tsushima [Chubby Chinese Girl]
  • The pistachio croissant at Petrossian is a winner [Serious Eats: NY]
  • A very serious look at Crumbs’ Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup cupcake [Always Eating]
  • Dave Cook finds that Kolache Mama bears “some resemblance” to an authentic Czech koláč [Eating in Translation]
  • Gourmet Mag should have been more like Midtown Lunch!?! [HuffPo]


  • Is saying that picture is gay a compliment?

  • Couldn’t you have pics of the back of Harry’s head, with his thought bubble? I miss his analysis.

  • Have a great holiday weekend everyone!!

  • @Mamacita: This isn’t Canada!

  • I just had a moment or two to peruse my favorite blogs (before dinner, scheduled for 1800 hours this evening), and somehow connected to the photo above of the dude with the tattoo, and the open mouth, and the jeweled ice cream cone, among several other distinguishing characteristics.

    And I have to ask (after analyzing my initial physical reactions, and after pondering my initial psychological reactions) – - – was it REALLY necessary to expose us more sensitive types to the photo of this ‘gentleman’ and his ice cream cone?

    I mean, I think I have lost my appetite for my wife’s Sunday dinner (and she will be pissed).

  • There is truly nothing more unbearably beautiful in life than the pure, innocent love between a boy and his ice cream cone.

  • PS it just occurred to me what those jewels are on the cone. They have to be Kix cereal. Gorgeous! Even more gorgeous if they were chocolates coated with thin candy shells… we love you Doug!

  • sorry Trix cereal! *&^ edit doesn’t work…

  • If it makes you feel better, DocChuck, most of us lose our appetite after viewing your avatar pic or reading one of your posts.

    That said, have you disclosed to Hogzilla your burgeoning desire for members of the same gender?

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