Fahima Halal Gets the Standard Hot Dog Cart Treatment

Where have I seen this before?

Fahima Halal, the cart run by Muhammad “Kwik Meal” Rahman’s brother, decided not to return to 45th and 6th today (after spending the weekend parked right next to his brother’s cart.)  Instead he went back to 42nd and 9th, and was greeted by two hot dog carts ready to give him the business.  Lunch’er “Joel” gives us the report:

After reading about Fahima this morning, I thought I’d give it a try, as I had to go to the bank on the corner of 42nd street and 9th anyway. Well, the Halal mafia seemed to have it out for the Fahima cart, as there were 2 hot dog carts blocking the Fahima cart, that was parked where it usually is(as well as another hot dog cart to the west, actually vending) I squeezed around behind the two carts and ordered lamb over rice platter, despite warning from a hot dog guy that Fahima was closed.

The cops showed up about halfway through my food being cooked; about 5 hot dog cart representatives swarmed the cops. I heard a a cop say at one point “Well, it is first come first serve” then, after some back and forth and arm waving between cops and hot dog guys, few minutes later, they cops made everyone leave, saying “If you guys can’t play nice, you all have to leave”

The lamb over rice wasn’t bad, gyro style meat, good crispy edges, tasty green hot sauce. Unfortunately my blackberry doesn’t have a camera.

Well, that sounds familiar.

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  • My new position is beat down and boycott all Mr. Softee (not Mizz Softee) and hot dog vendors. Only allow specialty trucks to stand. Dirty water dogs and crappy pretzels suck anyway….

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    For all we know Muhammad rented the carts and paid people to be with them.

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