Barros Luco is Officially Open

From the owner of Barros Luco, the new Chilean sandwich place on 52nd and 2nd: “I just want to let you know the menu with prices has been updated on my website. We opened our doors for the soft opening this weekend and I am happy to inform things have gone well. We will be open with normal business hours of 11am to 10pm starting on Monday.”


  • I really, really want to try this but the mayo thing has me scared, they gob it on everything, I’m not a big fan of the goo and feel like asking them to hold it would be like asking a pizza guy for a pizza with nutin’.. nutin’?

  • Wow $3-$5 for an empanada and it’s still .25 cents for sauce on the side.

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    Hmm – I wonder what the difference is between #2 and #5.

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    Oh – the melted cheese – duh

  • Just stopped by. Boy, what a crowd. There were about a dozen people standing around waiting for their orders when I walked in, which, given the tiny space, means it was packed. I was able to order within 2 minutes, but it was about 25 minutes before I got my order, which was ok because I came prepared and brought work.

    I got a chacarero completo with steak, which came in a small styrofoam box in a brown paper bag. The round sandwich was awesome, but a bit small by itself. The steak was very well seasoned and expertly cooked, and the avacado, cheese, beans, tomato, and sauce added a nice creaminess to the texture. But the bread really sets this thing apart from any other sandwich I’ve tasted. Forget French rolls, Chinese buns, or even banh mi baguettes…these Chilean buns were the tits. It’s actually very difficult to describe, because while they are firm and don’t bend, they aren’t the least bit hard the way a stale baguette would be, but add an ever-so-slight crunch to each bite (yet without being crispy). What’s more, they’re just the right thickness, about 1/4 inch each and have a slight sweetness and saltiness to complement the flavors of the delicious filling that lies between them. All in all, the sandwich probably goes on my top 5 in midtown list. My only complaint is that for $8.70 (inc. tax), you leave not entirely satisfied. Oh, the wait time was ridiculous, but give it a few days and I’m confident the kitchen (2 guys) will get its act together and plunk these suckers out with greater alacrity. Carlos, the owner, was working the register and seemed like a good guy. I will be back often.

  • It’s not often that the buns are the tits.

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    just back from lunch at barros luco. the place is awesome! i ordered the steak/chicken chacerero completo (no mayo). i remembered that sandwich was my go to up in boston and these guys did it right. definitely will be back soon

  • Mama, you obviously have not been to

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    Steak chacarero completo is amazing. It’s a little small for $8 but still worth it. I wish you had the option to supersize it for a little more money. I almost want to go back now and get another one.

  • i should know better than to go on opening day. 28 minute wait after ordering = i shoulda went to a sit down restaurant.

    the lengthy wait was probably the most notable part of the whole experience. i’m sure this place will have its share of fans. during my wait there, i saw like 15 dudes and 2 women.

    very brotastic.

  • Luckily, these sandwiches must not be legit… real chilean sandwiches are just inherently not good (no offense!). I am completely shocked how this developed as an eatery concept.

  • @fressagirl – you are on crack!

    i know you lived in Santiago for a time, but I feel like you must have eaten at the wrong places. Like a tourist eating at Sbarros’ in Midtown and saying NYC pizza sucks! :-)

  • haha thats my story and I am sticking to it!

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    This is Carlos, the owner of Barros Luco. I want to thank everyone that came to try us out today. I really appreciate the patience and understanding that we are just starting out and were not expecting the rush. I enjoyed the comments and it gives me great pleasure to read that everyone appreciates the fresh and homemade element of my restaurant (particularly the bread).

    @fressagirl – I invite you to come for yourself and see what my concept is about.

    Thanks again and I hope to see everyone back for seconds!

  • I went to Barros Luco yesterday at around 1:30. It’s a nice little restaurant. My experience is very similar to ceh. The food is good. They are using fresh ingredients and everything tastes good. The place is clean, nicely set up, and well decorated. The kitchen is tiny and they are pretty slow at getting food our right now, but they just opened on Monday. There doesn’t seem to be any sense of urgency. I saw the owner. He looked like he was dressed for a job at J.P. Morgan rather than his new reality. We got to talk while I was there. He seems like a nice guy. He is fresh out of “school” and this is his first restaurant. I get the sense that this might also be his first restaurant job. I reinforced the need to hustle because I really don’t think they get that yet. Back to the food…

    I got the Chacarero Complete. It’s basically a steak sandwich with avocado and some other ingredients on a round sandwich bun. I enjoyed it. I thought it tasted good, was a nice size, and was very fresh. I got the sweet potato fries with it, which are always a winner.

    My sense is that their food is great and the prices are good. This place has a good chance to be successful if they can actually get food out the door. They just need to realize that they are doing “fast food” whether they like it or not.

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    This is a much needed much awaited for spot. I’m glad Chile and it’s cuisine is on the map now. This place is incredible-the staff is super friendly and the food is amazing.

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