At Lunch Now: Schnitzel & Things is a Mob Scene

Clearly nobody seems to mind paying an extra $1 for delicious high quality shnitzel. Reports have been pouring in from 52nd and 6th since just before noon, where the Schnitzel and Things Truck has been holding court. According to reports the lines have been out of control since they opened (anywhere from 30-40 people at a time) but as of 1pm nothing had sold out yet.

Don’t want to wait in line? The red “Hot Soup” carts are back (the first sign of fall.) Thanks to Lunch’er Matt for sending in the photo.


  • holy schnitz! Glad to see these guys are getting some Midtown love.

  • Tried the burger for the first time today. Two of my cowokers came along as well. We all loved it. It was delicious. Thanks to Oleg and the guys!

  • nuts, shintz is the new shake shack.

  • BTW I took this photo at about 1245ish after I had eaten. I took another one when I got there at about noon just minutes after they opened and it was about 3/4 of this size already!

  • burger was deeeelicious!

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    Went back out at two. Just one person in line and a couple women doing some sort of interview or something and taking pictures.

    I got chicken because they were out of pork and cod. I wonder if I got ‘end of day extra’ because I got two huge pieces that almost cover the bottom of the container. No camera today or I’d post it.

    It was ready really fast. I wandered down to the red sign soup guy and by the time I got back they were calling my name.

    Boy, this stuff is good.

  • MikeNYC said “Boy, this stuff is good.”

    I love it when hungry people are happy. I even love it when hungry ANIMALS are happy.

    When I place a bowl of sautéed chicken livers, or canned Albacore tuna, or shredded swordfish (leftover from our last evening’s dinner) in front of my Persian cat, he is obviously happy, culinarily speaking.

    And his happiness makes ME happy.

    But I would NEVER make my Persian cat, Caesar, stand in a block-long line in order to seek his happiness in filling his belly.

    No, Caesar, is way too important (both to himself AND to me) than to be subjected to such bourgeoisie practices.

    But then, MY Caesar is a Southen’ gentleman.

  • DocChuck, there’s really no need to *name* the dead animals you peel off the 2-lane highway out front of your trailer park – and even less need to share your made-up stories about them with us

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    Zach, nice bumping into you and your family over by the Schnitzel truck today. Line was super too long for me at noon. So headed over to the Biryani cart instead. Yum. Keep up the great reviews.

  • Zach, thanks for sharing your experience(s) at the ‘Schnitzel and Things Truck’.

    On our next visit to NYC, if this ‘foodcart’ is still in business, Doctor E. and I will probably check it out, because you seem to be sincere in recommending it.

    Zach, they aren’t giving you some ‘freebies’ are they?

  • Doc – I think Zach posted something yesterday where he went on the record as having never received a free meal in the 3.5 years he’s been running this site.

  • Thanks, prato, for that information.

    Unfortunately, I missed that post.

    And, since I have a special respect for Brooks and for this website (although, not especially for some of the other commenters), I am pleased to know that Mr. Brooks will not be having problems with the new FTC ruling of ‘Bloggers’ on December 1st.

    Buddies ’til the end, Adam!

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