At Lunch Now: Hot Soup Carts Mark the Return of Fall

Everybody has a different way of marking the end of summer. For some
it’s temperature, for others maybe it’s leaves. For Midtown Lunch it’s
the appearance of the red hot soup carts. I was alerted to this one on
52nd btw. 6+7th by a lunch’er. Not sure if the full fleet has been
dispatched, but they’re all connected, so I’m guessing there are more.

Feel free to post sightings at other locations in the comments…


  • The one on 45th and 6th has been open for about two weeks now. No new soup varieties though.

  • I go to the one on 51st between Broadway and 8th.

  • 47th and Park is open. Price went up tho- small is $4.50 and large is $5.00. Doesn’t make much sense to get a small, does it?

  • Hiya, Zach and Crew… (I’m the cafe cello pork sandwich tipster).. the large is now $5.50.

    This is the third week that the “soup cutie” has been back. The best part of this post is that you caught my peeps in this photo!

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