Free Coffee and Snacks from the 80s (?) Alert

The ING Direct Cafe (on 58th and 3rd) is having some sort of 80s party today from Noon to 2pm, featuring free classic arcade games (fun!), “80’s snack food items” (whatever that means?), and a raffle to win Pat Benatar tickets (whoa!)  Plus if you mention Midtown Lunch, they’ll give you a free coffee.


  • I went and got my free coffee (thanks). It was a large and any place with soy milk (hey, I think it tastes better), cocoa powder and cinnamon is okay by me. The upstairs is the “80s party”. They had 2 arcade games (pacman!) and a bunch of free snack foods out. Mini Pringles containers, Fig Newtons, Orange soda, blow pops, swedish fish, sour patch kids….. I stuffed a bunch in my bag as the only two other people there (they were suits) watched me, played a game of pacman, got my coffee and left. Awkward, but now I have post-lunch snacks for next week.

  • Their coffee is normally $1 (maybe free for ING customers?) and they have wi-fi too. It’s not a bad place to hang out–usually not very crowded and the bathrooms are big & clean.

  • Holly – I once commented on fb that I liked my “concoction” of taster’s choice instant coffee, cocoa powder, and cinnamon, and nearly every response was something like “EWW”. I’m glad you appreciate that combo.

    The first time I had cinammon and chocolate was from Jacques Torres’ shop in brooklyn. Ever since then, I’ve been hooked.

  • A raffle for free Pat Benatar tickets!

    Sorry I missed the 2 PM cut off,I guess I’ll go home after work, chew hubba bubba bubble gum, drink new coke and play Hit Me with Your Best Shot on Guitar Hero.

  • Adam- agreeeeeeeed, brutha’.

    And can I just add- the fact that no one was there seemed to work in my favor. I just got a phone call saying I won the Pat Benatar tickets! Score!

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