Free Cookie Alert

October is National Cookie Month (who knew?) so to celebrate Mrs. Fields is giving away free cookies today from 11am to 1pm.  All three Midtown locations are participating (Rock Center, Herald Square, & Port Authority).  [via NYCHAR Adventures]


  • i do work next door to one. may have to make a pit stop during lunch.

  • I got to the Mrs. Fields in Rock Plaza at 1:02 after looking for the place for 10 minutes in that maze and they gave the person in front of me in line a cookie, but denied me! I told them to fuck off and huffed out. I know it was dramatic as hell to do that, but seriously no one else was behind me in the line and it wouldnt have broken the piggy bank to give me one.

  • got one in Herald Square no problem. They dont have a sign up so there was no line.

    I did get my picture taken by the counter lady with 2 other freeloaders for her to send to corporate.

    It was a good chocolate chip.

  • I’m jealous.

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