Avoid the Hot Dog at Gulluoglu (But Everything Else on the Menu Still Looks Good)

There were so many things I wanted to try on my first visit to Güllüoglu (on 2nd Ave. and 52nd St.) two weeks ago, I was completely overwhelmed. I ended up going for one savory pastry, and a box of sweets- but vowed to return to “eat my way through their lunchtime offerings” (and there are quite a few delicious looking options.) I haven’t been able to make it back to start chopping away at my list, but thankfully Robert Sietsema has made it a tiny bit shorter by posting about their “sausage sandwich Istanbul style”, which turned out to be just a “gussied-up hot dog”. That’s good to know… now all I have left to try is their lamb burger, beef burger, sausage/salami/kashkaval sandwich, their “gypsy chicken wrap”, Turkish style toast, simit sandwich, their “salty special donut”, pretty much every one of their savory pastries, rice pudding, and pistachio ice cream made from goats milk.

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Your First Look at Midtown’s Güllüoglu

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    I got the gul bulregi with meat and spinach one day at lunch and it was really good as it was still warm from the oven. I went back on the weekend and everything was so so – for the sit down stuff. For example, I got a kumpir (turkish baked potato) which was alright except the potato wasn’t really heated thru. they need to either microwave it longer or not let it sit there for so long. Ditto for the lamb burger. Also, the gul bulregi wasn’t as good as it was pretty cold/room temp. And they have a scary looking hostess that can make some lose their appetite. and all in all there are too many people standing around staring (managers, owner, etc?) which in all can make it an odd experience to eat there. better to get takeout.

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