Biryani Cart Sells Out of Biriyani

Looks like the Biriyani Cart was a little busier yesterday than we had originally suspected. The New York Times reported this morning that they sold out of biriyani at 1:20pm yesterday. Thinking of hitting up the Vendy Award winning cart today? You might want to get their early…


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    Fast Money on CNBC had a mention of the Vendy’s in their Pops and Drops (“Pop for street meat”)

    The two vendors mentioned were the falafel king and, of course, Rickshaw.

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    Where is this Biryani cart?

  • Theres this thing. It’s called google. EVER HEARD OF IT?

    It’s right there, at the top of this page. See the “Search” box.

    If you typed ‘biryani cart’ in there, you’d find what you want.

  • ha. this coming from a guy who constantly asks questions that are answered in the post :-)

    give them a break adam…

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