6th Ave. Indian Food Court Reopens

The 6th Ave. (former) Newsstand (on 6th Ave. btw. 37+38th) that sells Indian food, chaat, Latin food, and pizza reopened on Monday after being closed by the Department of Health last week.  The DOH website doesn’t say exactly why it was closed, but they got a 58 (anything higher than 28 is a fail) on 9/11.  To reopen they would have had to address the issues that got them a failing score, so whatever… I’ll still eat there.

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  • That’s one too many DOH closings for me – at least the 2nd time hearing about it on this site. Pass, especially when they only have decent papri chaat and not much of anything else. Still hoping Rupa opened her place. I guess not…

  • scoring seemed all over the map. maybe it is specific inspectors giving bad scores (or maybe not being provided free lunch…) who cares, im still in for this place.

  • that place was real gross, especially the guy up front selling paan and phone cards. the chaat is good there but too many idle employees with their feet on the seats, picking at their corns. gross.

    rupa’s corner is in jackson heights at Karahi & Grill. She has inconsistent hours but definitely check it out, it ain’t the best, but it ain’t bad.

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