Free Carvel Alert

Eagle eyed lunchers have pointed out that Carvel will be giving away free Oreo cookie ice cream sandwiches tomorrow from 3-7pm, but the location on Broadway btw. 43+44th is not participating and the one in 2 Penn Plaza doesn’t exist anymore. Sucks to be us. Update: According to Lunch’er “Cosilicious” there is a Carvel at 1 Penn Plaza and it is participating! Freeloaders, engage.


  • Of all the people to misspell “Oreo”, I didn’t think it would be Zach.

    I’m just glad he didnt change the other O to a U…

  • Come on now Zach – that’s a really narrow view – “NYC Fail” – midtown fail, perhaps, but I can assure you that this will not be the case in other parts of NYC.

  • hold up, there’s one in Penn Station, I just saw it last night. AND. …. I just called them and they confirmed that they ARE participating in the giveaway, so, freeloaders engage!

    CARVEL STORE #5959 New York
    1 Penn Station
    New York, NY 10001
    (212) 244-3848

  • We recently lost our Carvel on 23rd and 2nd. Very sad indeed, I love Carvel.

    By the way, can someone explain the new usage of the word “fail”?

  • pigiron, basically you slap the word “fail” on any precarious situation or its result, whether or not the word fits, in order to feign ones wit in front of other retards online. For more, see

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