Bon Appetit Pop Up Cafe Opens Today


For fancy food enthusiasts and chef stalkers the biggest Midtown Lunching event of the year has finally arrived. The Bon Appetit Pop Up Supper Club and Cafe opens today at 11am, featuring pre made soups, salads, and sandwiches from some of the most famous chefs in the country. It’s basically like the fanciest Midtown deli you’ve ever seen, with daily specials, plus demos and appearances from chefs scattered throughout the week. I’m more about the food than the chefs, but if you’re a fan of Iron Chef Cat Cora, Daniel Boulud, Nate Appleman, Top Chef’s Richard Blais and Fabio Viviani, Gina DePalma or Emeril- they’re all appearing at some point this week. Here’s the complete menu of stuff for sale, plus a list of events/appearances. Also be aware the location has changed from previous years… it’s now on the NW corner of 57th and 6th Ave. Full report coming later today live from the scene. Check out last year’s coverage here.

BA Supper Club Menu Revealed
This Year’s Bon Appetit Supper Club Will Include Outdoor Seating
Day 1: Lunch at the 2008 Bon Appetit Pop Up Cafe


  • Is this a take out place or do you eat in?

  • Either… it’s just like a Midtown deli. Everything is made for take out, but they have places you can sit and eat your food.

  • what are the prices like? Are they decent size sandwiches?

  • There’s a link to the menu (with prices) and a link to last year’s coverage with photos of the food. (Should be similar this year.)

    Plus, I’ll be posting photos live from the cafe later on today (hopefully by 12-12:30) so you can wait for that as well…

  • there’s always a liiiiiiine! damn you zach for making this so popular!

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    How bad do the lines get?

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    Eating my Nate A. salad right now. Crowded, but no lines yet..

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    I got there around 12:30, line wasn’t too bad (waited maybe 5 minutes). Got a steak and avocado salad and the tomato soup with mini-grilled cheese croutons. A nice change of pace but not worth the price, although I did get the free tote bag and the silicone measuring spoons since I have a Visa Signature card. Oh, and a free sample of Carolina-brand jasmine rice and a coupon for Claussen pickles. If you go, know what you want to eat beforehand so you can go straight to that station once you get inside. Then it takes 5-10 minutes, max.

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