BA Supper Club Menu Revealed

The Bon Appetit Pop Up Supper Club & Cafe kicks off in less than a week, and the full menu has been revealed on their official website. After a quick glance, I think I’m most excited about Daniel Boulud’s signature terrine trio, and anything Gina DePalma makes is going to be good. I’m also really curious about Cat Cora’s brisket wrap, Nate Appleman’s dishes, and José Andrés’ Albondigas Con Melocotones (meatballs with peaches)… but none of the sandwiches or specials look as mouth watering as my all time BA Supper Club fave- Michael Psilakis’ lamb burger from last year! The Pop Up Cafe opens for lunch on Monday, 9/21 at 11am on 57th & 6th Ave.  [via Grub Street]

This Year’s Bon Appetit Supper Club Will Include Outdoor Seating


  • According to the website, you don’t need to make reservation. Does this mean it will be really crowded that you have to wait 2 hours to eat in there?

  • It was a madhouse last year, especially for certain items (like the lamb burger). But depending on the day, and what you want to eat- there are ways to get in and out pretty quick.

  • Alittle secret, if it’s gray out or even slightly rainy, it’s a good time to go. It always amazes me how many people fear they will melt in the rain. I love going to popular places during a drizzle (not a monsoon) as it’s much less crowded and it kinda brightens the day.

  • Meatballs with peaches? Hmmm….think I’ll pass and try that JLT with the serrano ham.

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