Midtown Links (The “If I Was Going to Spend Over $6 on a Piece of Chocolate This Would Be the One” Edition

La Maison du Chocolat. Photo courtesy of Serious Eats: New York


  • I nominated you Zach for Best Blogger Humanitarian Effort. :-P

    Seriously people VOTE!! Do it now!!

  • FerrerO Rocher’s are awesome. Too bad the knockoff don’t have the Nutella filling or hazelnut in it.
    That thing look made rich in chocolate!

    I’d probably nominate Zach for Best Writing Voice. Too bad no lunch category or sure win!

  • MMMM chocolate pr0n! Almost makes up for no pics of Harry. Almost.

  • Just to be clear – those are nominations! Voting starts in a few weeks (3?) so be sure to go back and vote for Zach when they announce the nominees. :)

  • Seriously, folks, I love chocolate (German dark chocolate is REALLY high on my list), but referencing: “If I Was Going to Spend Over $6 on a Piece of Chocolate … ”

    If I were stupid enough to spend over $6 for essentially ‘one bite’ of chocolate, I would be stupid enough to read the juvenile comments over on your competitor’s Serious website.

    Only in NYC are people possessed with the mentality to spend their retirement savings (and potential investments) on what they can stuff into their gullets.

    Sad . . . VERY sad, indeed!

  • It reminds me of the pill Miracle Max gives to the Man in Black near the end of The Princess Bride to bring him back from “Mostly Dead”.

    “Liar Liar!”
    “Get back witch!”

  • In reality, DocChuck does not have 6 dollars to spend on any amount of chocolate, much less two dimes to rub together or a pot to **** in.

    I think it is jealousy that motivates his regular attacks on New Yorkers – he envies your urban lifestyle.

    The closest he has been to Germany was when he had to fight off a hungry German Shepherd for a particularly choice (brains intact) bit of fresh roadkill on the highway in front of his trailer park in deep rural Arkansas. Sad….very sad indeed. Pathetic too.

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    Fred, it must be liberating to be unemcumbered by even a scintilla of wit.

    Is that contest rigged too?

    Food blog?

    Is there a political shill category?

  • i love the way my typing is catching on.

  • oh, I dunno Bossman, I have my moments. Whats the matter – Blondie and Brownie blow you off again?

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    To wit: no wit.

  • yeah, you’re Mr Gumdrops and Sunshine…but tell me, do you really enjoy DocChuck slamming NYC, New Yorkers in general, and pretty much everything this website is about what talking about how superior he is to everyone else? Really?

  • Simmer down ladies.

  • The big piece o’ chocolate from La Maison was probably big in comparison to their usual leetle overpriced pieces. Like a confectionary lapdog–tiny and kinda pointless. Get local chocolate at Kee’s Choclolate on 39th and 5th. It’s $2.35 per piece (kinda like Godiva), but way better and made by Kee, a nice woman who quit finance to make chocolates. She’s got flavors like creme brulee and black sesame. Respect!

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