Enormous New $10 Special From Kosher Deluxe


I usually don’t even bother going past the falafel/schnitzel/shawarma station at Kosher Deluxe (on 46th btw. 5+6th).  Most of their menu is over $10 (aka too expensive for my tastes) and without the free salad & pickles bar… why bother?  Well this new deal being advertised in the window kind of changes everything: $9.95 gets you 1/2 a sandwich, cup of soup, fries *and* a fountain soda.  That sounds pretty spectacular.  Is there anybody out there who has ventured past the pickle bar, into the depths of KD, who can let us know if their sandwiches, soup or fries are any good?  (Although, even if they’re just ok, it’s still a pretty great deal.)

Kosher Deluxe (aka the beauty of the laffa- and free salad bar!)
Kosher Deluxe Offers Up A Schnitzel Primer


  • i always feel insulted when offered a half sandwich. why would anyone not want a whole sandwich?

  • half a sandwich was ok–in kindergarten and 1st grade… now half a sandwich is just—weak and lame. you might as well not eat at all. If my sandwich isn’t AT LEAST a footlong, it’s more like an appetizer…

  • Well considering the size of a lot of NY Deli sandwiches (Katz’s, Sarge’s, can’t speak for KD though), a half sandwich with soup, and fries would probably fill up even the fattest of fat guys.

  • @tyler: i’m guessing you are not very fat;)

  • $9.95 for 1/2 a sandwich, small cup of soup, fries and a fountain soda sounds pretty spectacular only in NYC, and only if you refuse to use your kitchen. (Yeah, I know what blog I’m on. But seriously, everywhere else in the country you can find AYCE buffets or huge meals for $10 or less. *sigh*)

  • I thought Stevenp’s comment was DocChuck for a moment.

    Yeah it’s spectacular in NYC for the people who don’t want to lug around lunch on the crowded trains and buses, then come lunchtime, to rescue their food from others’ dripping lunches in the fridge and then reheat their food in the office microwave which perpetually smells like burnt popcorn.

    I don’t know about you, but I don’t think I could reheat french fries at work, or protect bread well enough (even using alton brown’s “moisture barrier” formula) to want to consider lugging around such a lunch into the office.

  • As for the 1/2 sandwich comments above – I don’t think KD’s sandwiches are as generous as Katz’s/Carnegie/Stage/etc, so those are legitimate complaints about the size.

  • Adam… as someone who brings her lunch regularly, I can attest to the moisture barrier working. (God that sounds wrong!) Having said that, a lunch you bring from home is rarely the same as the one you buy from wherever; I accept and acknowledge that.

  • I only bring lunch in cold weather. It’s usually something stewey and wintery that can be nuked.

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