Ultimate List of New York City’s Free Food Happy Hours

Wined and Dined has a pretty outstanding list of free food available at happy hours all of New York City. It includes a bunch of Midtown options (including free hot dogs and Rudy’s and Port 41), although I would call ahead first to confirm. Our Happy Hour correspondent Mamacita was told that this deal is not available at the Palm in Midtown.


  • Never, I mean NEVER eat the hot dogs at Port 41. This was previously mentioned in the P41 review. Seriously, even the bartenders tried to warn us. It was that bad.

  • Oh, and I called Ashton’s Bar & Grill a few months ago and they don’t have free HHr food. W&D, don’t rely on Drink Deal.com for your tips, they have some outdated info. Just a heads up, much love :-D

  • thanks for the tip mamacita! i’m deleting the Ashton’s one — didn’t get any of these from DrinkDeal. I’ve noticed they list things for places that have been gone for years. As for the Palm’s happy hour, that’s BS they aren’t offering it in Midtown. I called and spoke w/ manager who told me that all NYC locations would be offering. I’ll try to see what’s going on here. I hate spreading bad info.

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    Thirsty Scholar does NOT have free food anymore! Went there for happy hour snacks last week based on several internet listings, and was told by the bartender that they no longer serve the happy hour food because their sister bar closed their kitchen. DON’T GO THERE FOR FREE FOOD.

  • Thanks Groongerock — I scratched them from the list.

  • Links aren’t working for me.

  • Sorry — we were having some issues with the site over the weekend. They have been resolved and links should work now.

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