Vendy Award Dessert Nominees Are Announced


The nominees for best dessert vendor were just announced for the 2009 Vendy Awards. The Wafels and Dinges Truck and the Dessert Truck were both nominated for a second year in a row, although the Dessert Truck won’t be able to participate because of everything on their plate.  The Cupcake Stop Truck and the Big Gay Ice Cream Truck were nominated for the first time.  The Treats Truck wasn’t eligible because they won last year.

The three nominees will all serve their sweets at the event, which this year is taking place at the Queens Museum of Art on September 26th.  They will join the 5 savory nominees, announced last week.  If you haven’t bought your tickets yet, what are you waiting for?!?  It is definitely going to sell out.  All proceeds benefit the Street Vendor Project, and the tickets are tax deductible.

2009 Vendy Award Finalists Announced!


  • We can get our revenge by telling the cops the show is parked illegally!

  • “If you haven’t bought your tickets yet, what are you waiting for?!?”

    I’m waiting for the organizers to axe the Rickshaw Dumpling truck and put in a deserving 5th candidate. Seriously.


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    It’s a good thing Rickshaw doesn’t make a desert dumpling, or we’d probably see their unqualified asses in this category, too.

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    not on the truck, but in the restaurant

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    So which previous judge has an interest in which truck?

    I call sell out, the more you promote this thing the deeper you sink.

  • flatrock: Interesting comment in your link from the person who liked their chocolate dessert dumpling:

    “I’ve tried Rickshaw a number of times and I think their regular dumplings fall in the bad to mediocre category…”

    Sounds like a real legitimate contender for best street food in NYC, eh? A good friend actually e-mailed me about going to the Vendys, and I responded that I am boycotting because of the bogus Rickshaw fiasco. So right there are 3 fewer attendees this year.

    Zach, maybe you (as a judge) can advise the sponsors that they need to have some improvement of their nomination process to avoid PO’ing a large contingent of street food aficionados (and maybe StreetMeasOnsumers too, whatever they are! ;) who actually have a clue about what constitutes a superior NYC street food vendor.

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