Free Frozen Custard Reminder

Don’t forget, free 4oz servings of frozen custard at Spoon City (on 5th Ave. btw. 33+34th) today from 3-7pm. Freeloaders engage.


  • they only had vanilla and cake batter flavors when I went there. Chocolate and rasberry should be available late in the afternoon.

    It was worth the walk.

  • me too! NoPickles, were you the asian dude who walked straight into me as I was standing in line as if I didn’t exist and then didn’t apologize? (If so, I’ve got beef w you now, btw) I had the vanilla and I have to say, pretty damn tasty!!

  • Sarah, taser the bastard….get evil…go vegan.

  • nope, Im not asian. I was there at about 10 after 3.

    i got vanilla too. it was pretty tasty.

  • i got cake batter around 5:30. it was good, but not the same as shake shack.

  • I got chocolate around 5:30. I agree with Steve — good, but not Shake Shack (I don’t think they’re using the same Valhrona chocolate). If I have a craving for custard, and since I work in the area, I’d go back.

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