The Met Becomes Flooded With Hot Dog Vendors

It’s not Midtown, but the New York Times has the complete story surrouding the vending spots in front of the Met- including the latest development. There are now a number of vendors using the “veterans” clause to park in front of the Met without paying. (Which could be part of the reason why the guy who bid over $600,000 for the spots couldn’t pay. The photo of the scene reminds me alot of that vendors wars cartoon.


  • OK, I’m all for vendor rights, but that does look like the vendor wars cartoon (not in a good way), or coney island, as the one lady put it in the NYT’s piece. It looks like shit, in front of one of the countries best museums.
    One or two aren’t bad, but don’t turn the Met’s doorstop into a sea of dirty water dogs…

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    1. That disabled vet vendor law is an invitation to chaos, which has been demonstrated again and again. It needs to be changed, but good luck with that, politically.
    2. Those carts are parked illegaly so the vendor exception shouldn’t even apply. Carts in other parts of the city need to observe curb and bus stop rules, so should these guys. I don’t see how this is even an issue. They obviously KNOW the rules.
    3. To the first vet that blew up the cart contract and is pissed at all the other vets who have come in: screw you. Here’s a guy who can dish it out but can’t take it. I love that he’s upset.
    4. I think every spot, or every good spot, ought to be identified and auctioned off every two years. If the auction fails with no bids, it remains an open spot for a year. But that’s just me. I like a bit of order and I’d like to city to get more money for better spots. This would also fix the bullying, as carts would have a clear legal right, and everyone would know where the legit spots to park are. You could also give vets a boost in the auction process in exchange for taking away the unlimited access.

  • When are we going to get a review and pics of these “Tibetan Dumplings”?

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