Own A Print of the Elwood Smith Vendor Wars Cartoon from the New York Times


I don’t know about you guys, but one of my favorite parts of that “Turf War at the Hot Dog Cart” article in the New York Times a few weeks back (the one about the infighting between street vendors) was the super cool Elwood Smith cartoon of all the fighting carts. I feel like it sums up so much of what’s going on in the Midtown Lunch world of street carts… but in a fun way that I thought would look awesome on my wall. In fact, I emailed the artist to see if he was selling prints, and he is! For just $50 you can actually own your own copy of the piece (it’s 12.25 x 9″).

Elwood is a really well known humorous illustrator, whose work you might recognize from Time, Newsweek, the New York Times, and Wall Street Journal. You can read more about the cartoon on his blog at Dawger.  And for information on how to purchase a print email  info@elwoodsmith.com (I think I’m going to put mine in my kid‘s room.  Is that wrong?)

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  • “(I think I’m going to put mine in my kid’s room. Is that wrong?)”

    It’s wrong that you’re asking us and not your wife :)

    (well, you’re awesome for other things too, but this…is…well, awesome)

  • While the cartoon is great, 50 bucks for a 9 x 12 print is pretty steep…
    Maybe if it was 18″ x 24″ I could understand the price tag, but we are a bunch of cheap bastards! After all, that’s why we read ML in the first place.

  • In keeping with the overarching theme, I think that you’ll have to bargain down the price of the print to ten bucks or less. Failing that, your penance shall be three Hail Mary’s, two walgreen’s sandwiches, and a Tad’s ‘steak’.

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    $50 = 2 weeks of chicken and rice…just saying…

  • Yeah, you know I’m a cheap bastard… but I think they make each print to order

  • It’s a cool pic for the article but why would I want to own one?

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