NYT Cartoon Begs the Question: Is There a “Clam Roll” Cart in NYC?

One of the cooler parts of this morning’s New York Times article on feuding street vendors was the amazing cartoon by Elwood Smith.  The battle scene is not meant to depict any actual carts, but most of the Midtown bases are covered.  There’s a “Burgers” truck (La Cense, Carnegie John’s, Steak Truck), “Baked Taters” (Baked Potato King), “Waffles” (Wafels and Dinges), “Spicy Sausage” (Le Gamin), “Shakes & Cones” (Mr. Softee), and the requisite pretzel and hot dog vendors.  But there were a few weird ones- like the “Clam Rolls” cart, which led Lunch’er “Wayne” to ask this question:

“What intrigued me was the inclusion of a cartoon “clam roll” cart. Is there actually a clam roll cart in NY?!?”

I haven’t heard of one, but that would pretty awesome!  The full cartoon is on the front page of today’s dining section, but you can see most it online, here.

New York Times Turns Giant Eye Towards the Street Vendor Issue


  • Would a clam roll be something like a Po-Boy? If a po-boy truck/cart showed in Midtown I’m die a happy woman.

  • You know what was missing from the cartoon? A horse burger cart.
    Back in 1982, a company called Chevalean operated a horse burger-and-sandwich cart on Lexington Avenue near 53rd Street. The sandwiches cost $1.40 and the burgers were 75 cents, 85 with cheese. Although it tried outposts in Greenwich Village and Wall Street, Chevalean closed the barn door in just six months.

  • What a great story DDR

    Let’s make a needed carts list:
    Po Boy
    Clam Roll

    I bet the frenchies at Le Gamin would make horse on request

    If it’s not in the sausage already

  • ‘adamprato’, I just HAVE to ask — would you eat clams off of a ‘cart’ parked somewhere along the streets of New Yawk City, manned by some undocumented clam cooks?

    I mean, I’m just askin’

    Oh yes, my wife and I will be in your ‘fair city’ bright and early tomorrow morning (MUCH against my wishes).

    Unfortunately, we will be there for the better part of two days.

    Could you recommend a REALLY neat and clean and documented “cart” where I could obtain some sustenance —- ROFLMAO!

  • Eat at Tad’s chucky, just up your alley.

  • Evacuate the city at once…..

  • ‘DocChuck09′, I just HAVE to ask – are you the official ‘clam’ authority?

    I mean, I’m just askin’

    Oh yes, I’m sure that your days of diving into some ‘fresh clam’ are a long and distant memory (MUCH to your dismay).

    “I’ll” ‘be’ “sure” ‘to’ “contact” ‘you’ “if” ‘I’ “find” ‘some’ *clam* “which” [be] ‘of’ (interest) -to- `you’ – ROFLOMGBBQICBINBTRISFMOTP

  • Wasn’t there a lobster roll cart recently?

  • FRED, that is a swimmingly good idea, but there are simply not enough boats available to carry your types back to whence you emigrated (in your case, Sicily).

    Now, Wilma, just go share your spirits with the Bear before the whole bottle is drained. LOL.

    Oh, and ‘Mama’, could you kindly give me directions?

  • There’s a lot of carts in midtown that will clam in your roll. :)

  • If only we had a Geoduck Cart.

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