Jerk Pan Cart Copies More Than Just The Menu From The Jamaican Dutchy


Fresh off my failure to procure an early lunch from the Eggs Travaganza cart, I decided to walk a few blocks south to the newly opened Jerk Pan cart (on 48th and Park.)  Their menu is pretty much identical to the Jamaican Dutchy’s (on 51st and 7th), which is not a surprise considering that I heard they consulted with the Dutchy for advice before opening their cart. And the menu isn’t the only thing that seemed familiar.  By 12:05pm, the line was already starting to form down the street, reminiscent of the early days of the Jamaican Dutchy cart.

We can joke all we want about people from the islands taking thing slow, but this is ridiculous. At least the Dutchy has beefed up their service in an attempt to speed things up a little bit. I only saw one guy working the Jerk Pan cart, and it took about 3 minutes to serve each person. I gave up pretty quickly (what can I say… fat man can’t sit in this kind of heat for 45 minutes waiting for Jerk chicken.)  I do really want to try this new cart.  Next time I’m going to get there at 11:30am… a lesson all the people in line ahead of me clearly have already learned.

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    I say: “Put the cell phone down and you can sell more”

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    Jamaican me hungry.

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    I was there at 1145 yesterday. I waited about 7 minutes for the two people in front of me to get their food (one order each), and I waited 5 minutes to get my two orders of food. I don’t understand why it’s necessary to re-tie and seal the bag of cocobread after you take one out, or why it’s necessary to have your cold salad in a place that’s so unreachable if it’s the most common side dish, and why you have to cover up and move it everytime someone orders. This guy could be doubling his hourly profit if he just sped it up a bit, or reorganized his cart, or used different utensils to scoop up sauce. But to each his own. If he’s happy doing what he’s doing, and happy making the money that he’s making, then good for him.

  • Jamaican’s take their time. It’s their way. Don’t rush em :)

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    If you do stick around for the long wait, you will find yourself eating really good jamaican food. The jerk chicken is delicious and the rice and beans even better (seriously). Skip the coco bread, a glorified potato roll. Only complaint: not enough meat on the chicken.

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