Jamaican Me Crazy: New Jerk Pan Cart Hits Park Ave.; Caribbean Spice Changes Name

Yesterday, Lunch’er Dan sent word about a new Jamaican cart parked on the SE corner of 48th and Park called the Jerk Pan. Not sure how long it has been there, or whether or not it will still be there today. He forwarded along a menu that looks very similar to the Jamaican Dutchy menu- complete with patties, coco bread, small and large portions of jerk chicken, oxtails, curry goat and more. Plus mini-meals, sorrel drinks, and rum cake.

Check out the new cart’s complete menu after the jump…

Click on photos for larger version


Early adopters, let us know how it is in the comments.

Speaking of Jamaican carts, the Caribbean Spice Cart (on 46th btw. 6+7th) has rebranded themselves the “Jamaican Food” cart:


And I heard via Twitter that they got a little visit from Kelly Choi, so I’m guessing we can be prepared to see them covered on NYC TV sometime soon.

Caribbean Spice Cart Distinguishes Itself With Coco Bread & Roti
Recession Special: Jamaican Dutchy Chicken Mini Meals Now $5


  • There is a masturbation joke in here somewhere.

  • I just finished a curry chicken from the Jerk Pan. It was very good, though if you’re one of those people who doesn’t like picking though your stewed chicken for shards of bone, you might not be thrilled with that aspect. I had the large size and it came with a massive amount of rice and beans (I had to admit defeat about 3/4 through it).

    They were moderately busy but the line was moving very slowly. Once I got up to the window, I found out why. They don’t have their system down perfectly yet, so every order seems to require a lot of movement around the truck, reaching for things, asking questions about what you want with it, sauce, salad, salad dressing, etc. It’s a leisurely pace for a city where you can get a gyro thrown together in 12 seconds. Hopefully they’ll work out the speed issues over time.

    Overall, it was a very nice lunch and I’ll certainly be back, though not if I’m in a hurry. XPL and the Steak Truck are right here too, so it’s becoming quite a meat+rice+sauce destination.

  • Alright, finally have a jerk chicken option near me. Hopefully they’re as good as J-Dutchy.

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    Headed to the Jerk Pan today but after seeing the lines I didn’t even bother waiting. I’m so glad I didn’t stick around. It’s also due to 1/2 hour lunch break. Went back to the Steak Truck. Got the chicken and lamb combo and it was better than the first time. Guys are really nice as well.

  • Just tried Jerk Pan for the first time. Got the medium Jerk Chicken platter. It’s pretty good flavor-wise. However, I didn’t get there until 2pm and I think the rice & beans, and the chicken dried out a bit. The guys there were nice and threw in some oxtail because of the dry rice. I agree with masto, that the squeemish may be turned off by the meat on the bone … but that’s how it is served in most places, so you should be used to it. I’d try it again, but am curious about the other Jamaican spots around here.

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