Recession Special: Jamaican Dutchy Chicken Mini Meals Now $5

The Jamaican Dutchy Cart (on 51st and 7th) has hopped on the “recession special” bandwagon sweeping the city. They have reduced the price of their stewed chicken and curry chicken mini-meals from $6 to $5. “Mini-Meal” is kind of misnomer; they stuff rice, peas, veggies and plantains (plus the meat) into one of those smaller 6″ x 6″ styrofoam containers. It’s a good amount of food for a normal size human being, and for $5 a nice alternative to their $9 to $11 regular size, gut busting portions.


  • Doesn’t include the jerk chicken?

    This place needs to consider joining the midtown lunch sandwich challenge. Maybe someone can suggest this to them if they feel… Im never in that area but for this I would get there… I call it the Dutchmaster:

    - Warm Coco Bread
    - Whatever vegetables they put in the platter, stuffed into the coco bread
    - A good amount of pulled jerk chicken
    - Some sweet fried plantain also shoved in this.

    Damn that sounds good!

  • @Lou – No, the jerk chicken mini meal isn’t included in the special… but he did say that he is working on a sandwich that involves jerk chicken. Might have it as early as tomorrow… as soon as I get work, I’ll post.

  • Suh-weet!

  • best news i’ve heard in a while! gotta love the Dutchy!

    meanwhile cafe duke down the block has increased the prices on the Korean food. Bastards!

  • I love that these venders are hopping on board with the Sandwich Challenge! Its awesome!

  • This post made me decide to have a dutchy lunch today. And it was fantastic. The cart guy asked if it was my first time, and seemed pleased both when I told him that it was AND that I’d heard such good things on ML.

    Curried Chicken IS on the recession special, though. Not a bad deal for $5. The menus still say $6, but he only charged me $5.

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