Gary V. is Bringing Wine Library TV to Midtown (Oh, And There’s Free Food & Wine Involved)

If you are a disciple of wine peddler turned internet media superstar motivator (and all around entertaining guy) Gary Vaynerchuk, you will be incredibly excited to hear this news: Wine Library TV will be broadcasting live from the Roger Smith Hotel Lab Gallery (on Lexington and 47th) all next week at 5pm (August 24-28th.)  I’m guessing this is all to promote Gary’s new book “Crush It: Why NOW Is the Time to Cash In on Your Passion”, which comes out October 13th.

For those of you who’ve never watched an episode of Wine Library TV online, or aren’t already a convert to Gary’s unique outlook on life, you might be saying “Why should I care about this nonsense?” Well, as a guy who got to quit his job a year ago to get paid to be a fat fuck- let’s just say his new book, and general attitude of motivating people to follow their passion and get paid for it, “speaks to me”. Plus the whole thing benefits Mashable’s “Summer of Social Good”, and he’s willing to give one of you the chance to hang with him, drink some free wine (and score some free food!)

One lucky Midtown Lunch’er will get to hang inside the Roger Smith Hotel Lab Gallery during one of the broadcasts with Gary, which includes free wine (natch.) And then, get treated to free dinner for two after the show at Lily’s, the restaurant inside the Roger Smith Hotel. (Not with Gary though, unless he wants to… who knows?  You might make an impression.) All you have to do to enter the contest is tell us in the comments the one thing you’d most want to quit your job to do. (I know you’ve all got something… we work in Midtown for god’s sake.)  One winner will be selected randomly, and will get to hang in the Roger Smith Lab one day next week with Gary for a live taping of Wine Library TV, and score a free dinner for two at Lily’s (check out the menu here.)

Basically if you’ve ever wanted to quit your job to do something you love, Gary’s the guy who can motivate you to do it. Don’t want to be on Wine Library TV?  Enter anyway. You can still win the free dinner- and I’m sure you’d be able to sell the spot with Gary on Craigslist or Ebay for a ton of cash to one of his super fans (he has legions of them.)


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    I change my mind, I want to be batman.

  • On a more serious note, if I could quit my job and not worry about finances, I’d probably go to school full-time for a Ph.D…hopefully polluting the minds of students one day.

  • I’d want to be a TV travel & food host a la Bourdain.

    I’d be awesome at it, am much cuter than most hosts out there, and I never get jet lag.

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    I think we need some pictorial confirmation from all these who say they are hotter than Bourdain. I am a straight male and I think Bourdain is hot.

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    I’d go to Israel or Wine Country in California and make the best Petite Sirah that the world has ever seen.

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    I got quitted from my job in finance so I took a job running operations on a well known local farm but I really want to quit that job and farm for myself.

    I went to a Vayniac dinner with Gary a few years ago, apart from being a marketing genuis, a visionary, a huge Jets fan (hey we all have a dark side) and a hell of a nice guy he came brandishing a kick ass Château d’Yquem that really bought the Thunder.

    Gary knows Bossman as the guy with unique vanity plates and as a dealer to his Thundercat jones, whoever wins the contest tell him I said hi.

  • If I was ever offered an opportunity to podcast for a living, I’m dropping the job like it’s hot. Very, very hot.

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    If I could quit my day job, I would teach young kids and teens business skills during the days as a “floating teacher” around school in NYC and in the evenings run a basketball clinic for young girls and women as I had it when I was younger.

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    Is the Roger Smith hotel hiring? I need a second job. :D

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    I do have a dream and a love for Wine Library’s selection and prices. Is that enough?

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    I’d move to a tropical island and become a scuba dive master with a combo dive shop/bakery cranking out wicked cupcakes.

  • I want to quit my job and join KISS as Gene Simmons replacement.

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    Move to Paris and write poetry. And eat croissants every day of my life.

  • i’d quit my job to jetset the world, and run a bunch of marathons on different continents

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    I would start a piano quintet and call it, “The Chopin Liszt Quintet” and offer to perform at food festivals around the nation for good causes.

    …get it… “Chopin Liszt”… shoppin’ list… bueller? bueller?

  • I can’t decide between dreaming of opening a food-related business or a creative (fabric design, etc) business. But they’re both dreams of mine.

  • I would spend my morning training for a triathalon, my afternoons making foodlebrities ( and figuring out the logistics of a book deal, and cap off my nights by starting a metal/scream-o/noise bands that covers Disney songs and features avant-saxophone.

  • I love the idea of quitting my job!

  • i should have plenty of time to do this since i’m only working part time, but i’d love to own a craft studio with glasses, gallery and shop.

    or run a little Vietnamese kitchen with my husband.

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    I would love to quit my job to spend my days sitting at home, drinking wine, eating chocolates, and scrapbooking!

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